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A family asset

Certine is the typical Tuscan farmhouse linked to sharecropping and typically isolated in the countryside of the Crete Senesi. A farm with cattle breeding that guaranteed the peasant family the food and what was necessary to live already in the medieval period.

Built around 1900 (in 1927 the grandmother was born there) was made of solid brick, the structure is located on top of a hill, 2-storey structure with the sharecropper’s house on the upper floor whose typical side staircase leads to the entrance.; the stable, cellar and tool storage were on the ground floor.

the farm covers 42 hectares, a totally organic farm with 500 olive trees from which we obtain our oil.

Agriturismo Certine prima della ristrutturazione
Agriturismo Certine prima della ristrutturazione
Agriturismo Certine prima della ristrutturazione
Agriturismo Certine prima della ristrutturazione
Le Crete Senesi al tramonto
Podere dell' Agriturismo Certine visto dall'alto
Panoramica dell'agriturismo certine effettuata dalla piscina
Panoramica sulla agriturismo certine
Ingresso dell'agriturismo certine
Strada bianca d'ingresso all'agriturismo certine
Fotografia effettuata dal piazzale antistante gli appartamenti
Lato destro dell'agriturismo fotografia notturna
Fotografia del piazzale antistante di appartamenti
Strada d'ingresso al agriturismo certine
Forno a legna
Panoramica sulle crete senesi
Agriturismo certine
Panoramica crete senesi

Renovation and opening

In 2004 the renovation works began and after 4 years the inauguration was carried out, so the Agriturismo Certine opened in April 2008.


The swimming pool

In 2011, after a year of work, the swimming pool was opened with its 12 meters in length and 6 in width.

The pool is equipped with a latest generation “saline electrolysis” system to keep the water clean but, above all, disinfected and free from any harmful substance.

The pool uses a method of automatic disinfection of water derived from the natural principle of the marine ecosystem therefore defined as “natural” as the disinfecting agent (ie chlorine), is not immersed directly in the water, but is created in the water itself thanks to the salt sterilizers for swimming pools

Piscina Certine
Piscina agriturismo certine
Piscina agriturismo certine
Piscina agriturismo certine
Piscina certine
Agriturismo certine fotografia piscina

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